Julie Gaulke Music


I’m not afraid to admit my age. I was born June 19, 1966, in Milwaukee, and lived there until age 3 when my parents built a house in Hubertus. That’s where I grew up. My parents still live in that house.

I am a musician. I have been a musician since I was five years old. It all started one Christmas when I received my first piano - a toy piano - much like the kind Schroeder played (from Charlie Brown fame). I took to it quickly, and was soon enrolled in piano lessons. Not too much later, my parents invested in a real, full-sized piano.

Fast forward to college... I became a music major at UW-Superior, and then UW-Stevens Point, where I earned my degree in Composition/Theory. It was in Point that I landed my first teaching position as a private piano teacher with the conservatory.

I moved from Stevens Point back to the Milwaukee area in 1990. There I met my husband, Todd. His family owned a local music store and I started teaching piano there. In 1993 we married, and went on to have two beautiful boys - Nick (1995) and Andy (1999).

In 2001 I started a new adventure in music - I found Plank Road Publishing and became a music editor there. (Plank Road is an awesome company owned by two awesome people, Paul & Teresa Jennings. You can learn more about their great company, and Music K-8 Magazine by going to MusicK8.com) Eventually I was able to get a few recorder tunes published with Plank Road. 

I am no longer working at Plank Road. Nor am I teaching piano. Today I am the music director at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church. I plan the music for worship each week, as well as play the organ and direct the choir. Also, once each month we have a special contemporary service where I play the keyboard, Todd plays the guitar, Nick plays the violin, and Andy plays the drums. We are called the “Eucharistic Band.” In addition to this, I am also a homemaker. I am blessed that my husband has an awesome job and I am able to stay home to tend to the kids schoolwork, and do my music worship planning.
  Julie Gaulke